Monday, 23 April 2007

VIDEO : LaserCuts™ in production

Today I took a drive out to Bayles to visit Kathy, Rach and Kim at Remember When. While I was there I shot a short video of the laser cutter in action.

Unfortunately, the filming isn't brilliant thanks to light reflecting off the shield of the laser cutter, and also, my camera automatically adjusts the focus so there are parts where the film is a bit blurry...but you get the idea ! :D

It's really cool to watch, so if you ever get the opportunity to visit The Barn make sure that you do !

Sunday, 22 April 2007

One of my designs !!

Check out this gorgeous LO by my very talented friend, Fleur Broughton. It features the LaserCut I designed for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal 'Crop For Kids' fundraiser.

Thanks to Fleur for allowing me to post her layout here :D For those who don't know Fleur, she is the lady third from the left, standing.

If anyone else has a layout featuring one of my designs that they're willing to share, please let me know :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Custom Lasercuts

A quote from latest April 16th 'Remember When' newsletter :

Special REQUESTS for Laser Cuts.

We've had alot of special requests (the dinosaurs and Maori Love Symbol were Special Requests!) and we are happy to create anything we can to customise these for you. Simply email Kathy
here with your requests. They can be for special words or special designs - just ask! If it is something we can put into our range there will be no design fees - we haven't created anything we can't add as yet!

Email Kathy
HERE with all the info such as preferred font or font style, picture or image, size of design wanted.... Cindy is our Special Request Designer and she's ready and waiting to put anything she can together for you...

So...anyone wanting a special Bazzill or chipboard (or both !) design or title, feel free to place an order :)


With so many posts on our blog about my LaserCuts, I thought it was time to create a new blog devoted just to them :)

So...welcome !! Feel free to browse through the posts and leave your comments.



I have added the all the designs available since March 1st to this post, but all of my designs can be seen in my slider at the top of this page.

LaserCuts can be purchased from Remember When (click link to be taken directly to the LaserCuts department).

Happy New Year (detailed) - approx. 17cm x 10cm

Maori Love Symbol - approx. 12cm x 7cm

Stegosaurus - approx. 17cm x 11cm

TRex - approx. 16cm x 5cm

Walking With Dinosaurs - approx. 22cm x 8cm

Zoo Animals 1 (border 30cm x 6cm)
Zoo Animals 2 (border 30cm x 6cm)

Zoo (with animals) (border 30cm x 5cm)
Star Circle Frame - 22cm x 22cm

Swimming Carnival - 22cm x 5xm
To The Moon And Back - 20cm x 6cm
Werribee Open Range Zoo - approx. 30cm x 3cm in total

Brothers - 17cm x 5cm Sisters - 14cm x 6cm
Jazz - 12cm x 13cm
Photo Shoot - 30cm x 6cm (over 2 words)

Splash - 16cm x 9cm

Western Plain Zoo - This 3 word design is approx. 22cm x 3cm in total

Healesville Sanctuary - Two seperate words measuring approx. 3cm x 25cm in total

Melbourne Zoo - Two seperate words measuring approx. 18cm x 3cm in total

Our Trip To The Zoo - Five seperate words measuring approx. 23cm x 3cm in total

Australia Zoo - Two seperate words measuring approx. 16cm x 3cm in total

At The Zoo - 3 seperate words measuring approx. 16cm x 3cm in total

Rectangle Star Frame - This design is approx. 21c x 16cm and suited for a 5" x 7" photo

Special Delivery - design is approx. 20cm x 7cm

Double Hearts Set

Filagree Butterfly - design is approx. 8cm x 11cm

Happy New Year (plain) - design is approx. 14cm x 15cm

Graduation. This image shows the title cut with a chipboard Base Sheet and a white Bazzill cardstock Top Deck. Design is approx. 23cm x 7cm.

This frame will be available in a plain version (no words), Princess version, My Little Princess and My Little Prince version. Again, it has been cut with a chipboard Base Sheet and a white Bazzill cardstock Top Deck. This design is approx. 24cm x 17cm .

Oval Flower Scroll Frame ~ design is approx. 18cm x 6.5 cm. This frame will also be available with a circle in the middle instead of the oval. This example has been cut with a chipboard Base Sheet and a Jade Bazzill cardstock Top Deck.

Here is a profile view of the same piece :