Thursday, 22 November 2007

New Destinations & Pet Titles

New designs added Nov 22 :

Feline Friend - design is approx. 20cm x 8cm - $3.75

Feline Friends - design is approx. 20cm x 8cm - $3.85

India - design is approx. 19cm x 5cm and features the Taj Mahal before the title - $2.50

Japan 1 - design approx. 15cm x 5cm - $1.50

Japan 2 - design is 18cmx 6.5cm approx. and features the Kanjoi script for the word 'Japan' at the start of the title - $2.50

Thursday, 8 November 2007

New albums !

My newest designs to hit the shelves :


Cupcake Album

I am SO proud of this design ! The idea came to me one night, so I drew the design and asked Kathy to make one for me - she loved it and asked if she could sell it. I'm so slack that I still haven't finished mine yet LOL.

example album created by Sue Franin

This album has great 3D detail.
You receive 5 pages plus the cover and 3D extras for front cover.
Each page measures approx. 18cm x 14cm
$18.50 from Remember When


Car Album

example album created by Jo Curry

This cute little album has 5 pages plus the cover with cut out windows.
Each page measures approx. 21cm x 11cm.

$15.25 from Remember When


Car Embellishments

A pack of 4 very cute car embellishment pieces.
Each car measures approx. 7cm x 4cm.
$2.95 the set from Remember When


Cindy's Rocket Border

One for the boys !!
This design is approx. 30cm x 4cm and features stars, moons and rockets.
$7.95 from Remember When


Aussie Travels

Great little chipboard laser cut for all those Leylands in the world! :)
This design is approx. 12cm x 9cm
$2.50 from Remember When