Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Custom Lasercuts

A quote from latest April 16th 'Remember When' newsletter :

Special REQUESTS for Laser Cuts.

We've had alot of special requests (the dinosaurs and Maori Love Symbol were Special Requests!) and we are happy to create anything we can to customise these for you. Simply email Kathy
here with your requests. They can be for special words or special designs - just ask! If it is something we can put into our range there will be no design fees - we haven't created anything we can't add as yet!

Email Kathy
HERE with all the info such as preferred font or font style, picture or image, size of design wanted.... Cindy is our Special Request Designer and she's ready and waiting to put anything she can together for you...

So...anyone wanting a special Bazzill or chipboard (or both !) design or title, feel free to place an order :)